NEW: The Girl & the Guardian


Dark humor. Robust Theology. Epic Fantasy.

The Girl & the Guardian (GG) is a novel based on the the Biblical story Mordecai and Esther. It is the first in the Oliver Anderson series and is available on Amazon in Kindle, paperback (soon), and high-quality hardcover.

GG is Joshua’s debut into Biblical fiction and is to be followed in 2021 by two more book retelling stories from the Old Testament. The books are split-time novels where chapters alternate between the ancient epic and the modern world – the goal being to demonstrate that many of the same forces that were at work in the Biblical stories are still at work today.

The goal of the series is to help teach a new generation of believers stories from the Bible that they might not know well (the next book will focus on Judah and Tamar). Each book in the series will have a overarching theological theme. The theme for GG is Beauty. The book seeks to unpack a Biblical theology of beauty by discussing the beauty of creation, human sexuality, and the beauty of the Cross in redemption (where Joshua relies heavily on comments by Martin Luther).

Joshua is the pastor of Therfield Chapel, north of London in England with his wife and four children. He has previously written non-fiction works, most notably ‘Elijah Men Eat Meat’. His degree is in Biblical Interpretation from London School of Theology.

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